Earth911 Quiz #94: Local weather Change, Bushes, & Carbon Sequestration

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Earth911 Quiz #94: Local weather Change, Bushes, and Carbon Sequestration

The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Local weather Change’s sixth report on the state of the global climate raises a crimson flag for humanity and supplies a spread of options to decreasing the degrees of CO2 in Earth’s environment. On this Earth911 Quiz, you’ll take a look at your fundamental understanding of local weather change, a number of methods we are able to seize and retailer carbon, and the timeframe wherein we are able to count on to see optimistic modifications within the atmosphere from the efforts we make in the present day.

How a lot human-generated CO2 is emitted into the Earth’s environment yearly?

Because the daybreak of human civilization, people have been contributing CO2 to the environment, but it surely was solely with the appearance of industrialization within the late 18th century that CO2 ranges have accelerated quickly. Now, people produce extra CO2 and different environmental impacts than the planet can course of — since 1970, individuals have exhausted Earth’s capability to take away CO2 earlier yearly. What number of gigatons (a billion tons) of CO2 do individuals pump into the atmosphere yearly in comparison with pre-industrial instances?

How a lot has the Earth’s common temperature risen for the reason that starting of contemporary industrial society?

There’s a confirmed direct correlation between atmospheric CO2 ranges and international common temperatures. Whereas some elements of the globe, significantly the Arctic, are warming quicker than the remainder of the planet as a result of CO2 traps photo voltaic vitality, which is then absorbed by the oceans which acts like a thermal battery that can proceed to warmth the planet extra, the worldwide common temperature has climbed alarmingly. How a lot hotter is common temperature than in 1850?

How a lot CO2 can one trillion timber seize and retailer in a 12 months?

Planting timber to seize and sequester CO2 is one among a number of necessary responses to local weather change that may be put in place. A single mature tree can capture up to 48 lbs. of carbon dioxide annually, although the precise quantity will range primarily based on the kind of tree, the native local weather, and different elements. If people plant 1 trillion timber, what number of tons of CO2 would this new forest seize yearly, and the way lengthy would it not take to take away the present carbon overload within the environment?

What are three different sources of carbon sequestration that may complement tree-planting efforts?

By combining tree-planting with different types of carbon seize and sequestration, people could make important headway in decreasing the affect of local weather change earlier than 2100. After decreasing emissions as a primary step and planting timber, what are three different approaches to carbon elimination and long-term storage that would make a distinction?










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