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Simply as we try to go away the pandemic behind, we’re reminded of how straightforward it’s for an additional to start. An unprecedented outbreak of hen flu has pressured the federal government to lock each single hen inside.

With no chickens free to roam, Britain’s ethical choice for free-range eggs is undermined.

However this story reveals the inconsistencies which riddle our relationship with the opposite animals – and the way these inconsistencies are fuelling a menace to human well being.


“Individuals can not purchase free-range eggs within the UK because of the size of time hens have been saved indoors following outbreaks of hen flu,” in accordance with the BBC. “The nation is experiencing its largest ever outbreak of avian influenza and measures are in place to forestall the virus from spreading.”

Most customers in Britain now purchase free-range eggs. Certainly, we reject these backside shelf packs that bear the deadly admission “from caged hens” 70 p.c of the time.

That is marvellous. However with regards to muffins, desserts and mayonnaise, our choice for free-range will get misplaced within the combine. Firms slip the worst welfare eggs into pre-made meals and we don’t reply.

Our free-range precept actually falls off a cliff with regards to chickens themselves. Simply 3.5 p.c of hen purchased within the UK is free vary – making hen one of many very worst merchandise for animal welfare.

We’re 15 occasions much less doubtless to purchase free vary hen meat than free vary hen eggs. We care about chickens’ welfare in a single case, and we neglect about it in one other. Why?


We people could be very selective in our empathy. We appear to discriminate between animals on a regular basis. We deal with canines properly, however pigs poorly.

We empathise with cats in methods we hardly ever do with cows. We care about of the welfare of laying hens however not of different hens. These variations in remedy are at root morally arbitrary.

It isn’t simply us customers who’re inconsistent. Unusual policymaking may also clarify why some chickens get a very uncooked deal. Policymakers have decreed that eggs should be labelled clearly.

How has the hen been housed, and handled? The buyer ought to know earlier than shopping for. Apparently, there isn’t any want to inform us with regards to hen.

Firms are allowed to inform us solely concerning the flavour of the hen, the sauce, the feel, leaving point out of cages firmly out of the image.


The failure of coverage goes even deeper. The UK Authorities has now deployed the legislation decisively to lock down each hen within the land.

However at the exact same time it’s approving new mega farms within the UK. Reasonably than shutting down these mega farms that are on the root of the menace to our well being, it’s nurturing the underlying downside, after which treating the signs.

Pandemics usually start when a human comes into contact with a diseased animal. Manufacturing unit farming provides all of the components of this recipe.

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