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How secure is the meals we purchase and eat?

Maybe this can be a query we have to be asking ourselves each time we sit all the way down to have a meal.

Too usually are we instructed about meals safety.

However hardly ever are we instructed about meals security.

And but meals issues of safety are throughout us manifesting in delicate methods.

Image the maize consignment that was grounded on the Kenya – Tanzania border attributable to aflatoxin contamination…

Or the so-called mercury- laced sugar sacks analyzed on the authorities chemist…

Or the meat preservatives utilized by supermarkets to extend the shelf life…

Or the formalin added to take advantage of by unscrupulous merchants…

These practices and lots of extra methods endanger the well being of individuals in additional methods than we are able to think about.

However how can we get right here within the first place?


It’s not out of the strange to search out greens being caulitvated subsequent to a sewer line.

Infact, a few of these veges look very inexperienced and luxurious as a result of they’ve collected vitamins within the wastewater over time.

However this association presents us with an issue…

These identical greens additionally accumulate micro organism and different toxins current within the wastewater.

This may manifest within the type of meals poisoning amongst many different well being issues

It’s subsequently essential to know not solely the supply of our meals however how it’s grown.

However contamination from wastewater won’t solely be the risk on our dinner tables.


Although fertilizers have traditionally elevated meals manufacturing, their overuse have introduced us with one other set of issues.

Elevated soil salinity attributable to over use of fertilizers has meant a drop in soil fertility over time.

When this occurs, we’re tempted so as to add the fertilizer dosage which worsens the scenario.

Enormous tracts of as soon as arable land has been rendered much less productive attributable to overuse of mineral fertilizers.

However this isn’t the one downside.

The elevated want for phosphorus as a crop nutrient is sure to change into a serious concern over time.

Phosphorus is the one Agricultural nutrient that’s mined.

Being a non-renewable useful resource, over time, it simply could be depleted or cut back to hint ranges.

What’s going to we do to ensure meals safety?

International locations recognized to have vital phosphorus deposits corresponding to Morocco nonetheless grapple with contamination of such deposits by cadmium and different poisonous metals.

Overuse of such fertilizers may subsequently introduce toxins into the meals chain…a scary actuality.

However mineral fertilizers should not the one level of concern in relation to meals high quality.

Let me introduce us to the world of:


Coming in all styles and sizes, pesticides assist in defending our crops from pests and illnesses.

However on the flip aspect, every time we use pesticides, not all of the residue on the crop degrades.

Introduction of pesticides into the meals chain occurs with out intention.

Infact, most arochemical firms manufacturing them have our greatest pursuits at coronary heart.

However this doesn’t forestall us from being uncovered to pesticides even via the great we’re yesterday.

Pesticide use presents us with a really distinctive problem… If we are able to’t use them on our crops, how can we defend our produce from pests and illness?

Effectively a number of options are key corresponding to:

Intercropping a crop with one other which repels particular pests…

Utilizing coloured sticky traps to draw flies…

Utilizing bioogical strategies of pest management corresponding to introducing an Insect species which feeds on the pest…

Amongst many others.


The meals we eat determines the well being realities we will encounter sooner or later.

It pays to think about not solely meals safety however meals security additionally.

It pays to discover methods of decreasing our publicity to well being dangers related to our meals.

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